Looking for spring

Music: meh.

The BBC lets you assess your musicality in a quite extensive test (Registration required). It was fun but my results are a bit strange:

I got 98% in “Musical Perception” even though I got all of the genre matching snippets wrong. I mean, literally all of them. 15 out of 18 in the “match the beat” section and moderate results in the “tap the beat” test. 12/12 in melody memory was enough to still arrive at 98% overall…so I guess everybody who’s not deaf is a Beethoven for the BBC. Very nice of them.

Now for the bad part of the test: my “emotional connection”, “enthusiasm” and “curiosity” scores are dismal – 1%, 1% and 2%, respectively. Doesn’t that sound terrible? I have to admit it’s true, I just don’t like music that much. I love my Christmas present though.

(I wonder whether there are people who get the reverse – 1% in perception, 99% in enthusiasm. They are probably very lonely. UPDATE: I think I found one!)

“Aaaaaaaw!”-some, more like

Smaller-sized marine mammal variety for people who think whales are way, way too big:

And that’s what he was waiting for:

Here’s looking at you, kid

The adjective may have been overused during recent years, but really: whales are awesome.

The day I missed my first whale

We were promised the “foggiest and windiest point” of the U.S., and sorely disappointed! (To be fair, everything was covered in thick fog about 15 minutes before I took this picture. We were quite lucky.)

The beach.

Gray Whale migration is typically from December to May. There was one gray whale today, which I didn’t see because I looked the other way for a second…

What to do with Zucchini

They don’t really taste of anything, probably because they are 99% water. You can stuff and bake them. If you forgot to harvest them in their cute stage and they have managed to (within hours!) swell to gigantic proportions, you can still shred them and make mücver or bread. But is it worth it? I say: Just keep them lying around on your kitchen counter, they will come in handy at some point!

Build it and they will come


I put my hummingbird feeder up yesterday morning. Today, one of them already had lunch there and  in the afternoon, two territorial males were fighting for the spot. This one’s having dinner, literally an arm’s length from our front step. They are not shy at all. One of them also hovers in front of my window and tries to see what’s happening on my screen (he’s probably planning to sneak in and check out some hummingbird porn!)

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