The day I missed my first whale

We were promised the “foggiest and windiest point” of the U.S., and sorely disappointed! (To be fair, everything was covered in thick fog about 15 minutes before I took this picture. We were quite lucky.)

The beach.

Gray Whale migration is typically from December to May. There was one gray whale today, which I didn’t see because I looked the other way for a second…

5 Responses to “The day I missed my first whale”

  1. Wolf Says:

    “Hast seen the White Whale?” gritted Ahab in reply.
    “No; only heard of him; but don’t believe in him at all,” said the other good-humoredly. “Come aboard!”
    The Pequod Meets The Bachelor

  2. T.M. Says:

    Hier ein Blick von der anderen Seite.

  3. cohu Says:

    There was whaling around SF/Point Reyes/the Farralons in the 19th century. It’s hard to imagine today because the sea is so rough. I’m sure there were a lot of shipwrecks. California apparently was a hotbed of whaling innovation…

  4. The Wife Says:

    Is that where they filmed “The Fog”? You know, where the tape recorder goes all wonky after the ghostly driftwood starts to ooze water? Sppoky, that, but really pretty, too.

  5. cohu Says:

    Yes, The Fog was filmed there (I haven’t seen it though, might put in on my Netflix queue!). Hitchcock’s “The Birds” was filmed near Point Reyes in Tomales Bay.

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