The Long Good-Bye

Those are the naive questions the ignorant masses ask of Google. Of course, none of these locations is for Cohu – I’m so over Portland! NYC, really? What are you, a 19th century immigrant? Austin – do I look like I own a banjo? And finally, California? Been there, done that. We’re moving to a place that’s so avant-garde that no hipster knows about its mere existence. YES – the midwest. YES – it’s close to what is also known as the “Crown Jewel of The Americas” or the “Venice of the Great Lakes” – Detroit. But, always ahead of the curve, we’re not aiming for something quite so urban. Did you guess it? We’re moving to Ann Arbor! Imagine…

Joking aside, after the last two years it will be hard to get used to anything that’s not Berkeley. This place, with its ridiculously good food, ridiculously liberal inhabitants, and ridiculously mild climate has spoiled us beyond belief – maybe also because we always knew we wouldn’t get to stay here, and thus, wouldn’t have to face the ridiculous home prices (realtor, asking 360 k for a dilapidated, 1 BR crack-shack of a bungalow, I’m looking at you!). Anyways*, we’re going house-hunting next week, and leaving some time in July. A few weeks to say goodbye, and maybe experience one last fig and peach season…and to knit ridiculously warm sweaters for the little person!

*This page on Michigan dialect has taught me that in MI, it is fine to start sentences this way, and also that in a few months, I’ll probably be dethawing my Tie-ota every morning to go out and buy groshries.

3 Responses to “The Long Good-Bye”

  1. Ilse Says:

    Well Ann Arbor is Uni and nothing but innit? My first ever US friend came from there. A student.

  2. Cohu Says:

    A2 is home to the world’s largest football stadium which seats 109,901 people. Other sights include Zingerman’s Deli and the largest corndog ever fried in the contiguous US (I made that last one up). So yes, UMich and nothing but, pretty much.

  3. Ilse Says:

    Well, looking forward to hearing some searing football reports

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