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Sfgate reports that “The military is accepting openly gay recruits for the first time in the nation’s history.” The perfect excuse for posting this cute picture of innocent male bonding I took during Fleet Week. Speaking of which – how does the military prove that someone is gay? The “Explainer” explains that:
“Technically, the military doesn’t fire people for being gay—it fires them for engaging in “homosexual conduct.” This comprises: touching a member of the same sex for sexual gratification (including handholding or hugging), marrying someone of the same sex, or announcing that you’re gay.” (
Holding hands for sexual gratification! – this country is full of depraved sex practices we Europeans would never dream of. Anyway, the military’s gaydar was apparently re-calibrated at some point during the last three decades. How else would you explain the Navy’s official friendly cooperation in the production of this video in 1978:

3 Responses to “Ask and tell”

  1. ilse aus Minga Says:

    the one on the left is still playing hard to get, I think.

  2. croco Says:

    Waffen all überall, aber dafür pingelig mit allem, was menschlich ist, zumindest offiziell.
    Versteh einer das Volk!

    (ein bißchen taliban ist jeder 😉
    ((das Video lässt sich übrigens in Deutschland nicht abspielen)))

  3. cohu Says:

    Schade. Ich kann es immerhin abspielen, wenn ich zu youtube surfe (aber “Einbetten deaktiviert”).

    @ilse: These guys were mainly preoccupied with their serious tobacco fetish. During the 15 minutes we saw them, they puffed about 4 cigarettes each. I guess US Navy ships are a smoke-free environment 😉

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