Why do so many Americans believe in God? Maybe because they have butternut squash:

Oh yes, butternut.

Butternut squash tastes like butter, nuts, squash, like sugar and spice and everything nice. Should you ever meet a person who does not smile when encountering the radiant yellow and hypnotic smell of a freshly cooked butternut squash, avoid them, for they are surely possessed by an evil demon. Butternut squash is the culinary equivalent of baby bunnies.

Another piece of evidence for a higher being:

Oh, sugar snap peas! (Who comes up with those names – ?) Those crunchy sweet little babies make me want to burn Qur’ans. Um, not really, but you get the idea:

2 Responses to “Evidence”

  1. Ralph Says:

    I just harvested a butternut squash from my vegetable garden located not far from Bonn. The seeds came from Edgerton Conservancy in New Haven. I regret to inform you that this squash variety didn’t do well in German growing conditions and tasted nothing like the squash I came to love in my native New England.

    So, enjoy while you can.

    As I remember from my last visit to Berkeley, plants do remarkably well there. A good place to take pleasure in your horticultural inclinations….

  2. cohu Says:

    Sad. You could have started a butternut business and relieved the Germans of their unhealthy obsession with “Hokkaido”. Maybe try sweet corn next year, I’ve never had any good sweet corn in Germany!

    Plants do do well in Berkeley, provided you water them twice a day. I think I’m going to stock my deck with succulents 😉 I’m tempted to plant a Brugmansia though, they get huge here! (And as Gardening Know-How puts it, “There are few trees that can stop a person in their tracks like a Brugmansia can”.)

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