Decline of a Nation: Nothing further to add.

Also, dieser Livingstone, eine wahre Goldgrube, was Stillosigkeiten angeht. Nach dem und dem kommt jetzt das:

"London’s mayor has become embroiled in a new row after criticising two Jewish businessmen involved in building a key facility for the 2012 Olympics. Ken Livingstone attacked David and Simon Reuben for their role in an ongoing dispute about the Stratford City development in east London. He suggested the brothers "go back (to their own country) and see if they can do better under the ayatollahs".

Ich weiß ja nicht, ob es da noch eine Rolle spielt, dass "the brothers were not Iranian, but had been born in India of Iraqi Jewish parents"? 

Nein, anscheinend nicht: "The mayor’s office said there was nothing further to add."

Na, mindestens ein Nazivergleich ist da doch noch drin, bevor sie den endgültig absägen! Ich warte.

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