I took a little break from blogging…

…due to a parallel, long-term project I’ve been busy with since August.* I hope posting frequency will pick up somewhat once the project is out of its initial near-exponential-growth phase. As expected, it’s still a bit of a time sink right now. I’ll mostly be blogging from my phone now, so… no more of the infamous epic-length posts (probably for the better!).

* OK, to be honest, it has been in the works since last Winter. But you never know how these start-up things turn out…

3 Responses to “I took a little break from blogging…”

  1. rosa Says:

    Eeeeh! Congrats! Looks good, and it’s a much better excuse for blog absence than mine.

  2. ilse Says:

    You crafty little thing you! and how well that project has turned out! Does it have another foot, too?
    looking forward to hurried communications…

  3. Maex Says:

    Sending congratulations from good ole Munich! All the best to the parents and the new arrival!

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