Who’ll hatch first?

Eagle Nest Cam – “First hatch is imminent. It could occur anytime today.”

If, like me, you’ve always thought birds of prey are a bit silly, I have yet another link for you:

Hummingbird nest cam. At the moment, the couple is sitting on its nest together, like a good Orange County hummingbird family should. OC values! I bet they vote Republican.

3 Responses to “Who’ll hatch first?”

  1. T.M. Says:

    Frollein, das Biest pennt immer! Selbst zu ganz normalen Tageszeiten. Schauen Sie vielleicht mal hier, ob sich da was tut.

  2. croco Says:

    Ich bin begeistert!!!!!!
    Dankeschön :-))

  3. Wolf Says:

    Die aus Franken sind ja bekannt, nehm ich an?

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