Next To Godliness

If you’ve never taken the time to read what’s on your soap, you might want to make an exception for Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, an old hippie favorite. Thankfully, the Dr. Bronner Company has put at least some of its text-packed soap labels online, so I don’t have to copy all of the information contained on my “18-in-1 Hemp ALMOND PURE-CASTILE SOAP” bottle – you can read the pdf here. Further labels here. The bottle I have in front of me actually has a different inscription from the online one, so the company seems to update their labels from time to time to include new/rotate old content.
Dr. Emanuel Bronner
, who penned these strange and endearing soap wisdoms, was a German jew who escaped to the US in 1929 (dropping the “Heil” from his original name “Heilbronner”).

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  1. ilse Says:

    chuckle…love the name change
    hemp AND fair trade? Soap doesn’t come much better than that

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