Music: meh.

The BBC lets you assess your musicality in a quite extensive test (Registration required). It was fun but my results are a bit strange:

I got 98% in “Musical Perception” even though I got all of the genre matching snippets wrong. I mean, literally all of them. 15 out of 18 in the “match the beat” section and moderate results in the “tap the beat” test. 12/12 in melody memory was enough to still arrive at 98% overall…so I guess everybody who’s not deaf is a Beethoven for the BBC. Very nice of them.

Now for the bad part of the test: my “emotional connection”, “enthusiasm” and “curiosity” scores are dismal – 1%, 1% and 2%, respectively. Doesn’t that sound terrible? I have to admit it’s true, I just don’t like music that much. I love my Christmas present though.

(I wonder whether there are people who get the reverse – 1% in perception, 99% in enthusiasm. They are probably very lonely. UPDATE: I think I found one!)

4 Responses to “Music: meh.”

  1. ilse Says:

    you don’t like music that much and got a guitar for Christmas? It might improve your emotional connection score, though.

  2. Wolf Says:

    Sammelt ihr die jetzt? Verschenking guitars will incredibly improve your karma. Your last one war echt schmackofatz.

  3. cohu Says:

    ilse, when I play, it’s not music, it’s more like agreeable noise 😉
    I might actually want to get rid of the black Fender once I get back, it’s cool but not perfect for me – neck is a bit to wide and I can hardly hear myself sing because it’s sooo loud. More of a men’s guitar, really. So watch out, Schnäppchenjägers! The Jasmine is ugly ugly ugly but immensely playable.

  4. Wolf Says:

    Wide neck, louder than me, and shiny black. I will call her Big Mama Thornton.

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