G’selchter, schranktrocken

Ich wollte es ja erst nicht glauben, aber meine Lieblingsutilitarist Bentham sitzt – sozusagen als Luftg’selchter Philosoph – tatsächlich im Londoner University College. In einem Schrank.

"Jeremy Bentham specified in his will that he wanted his body to be preserved as a lasting memorial, and this instruction was duly carried out. This ‘Auto-Icon’ has become famous. Unfortunately, when it came to preserving his head, the process went disastrously wrong and left the head badly disfigured. A wax head was made to replace it, but for many years the real head sat between his legs. However, this head was frequently stolen and subjected to many student pranks, with students from rival King’s College London often the culprits. The head is said to have at one time been found in a luggage locker at Aberdeen station, and to have been used as a football by students in the Quad. These events led to the head being removed from display and placed instead in the College vaults, where it remains to this day.
Other rumours surrounding the Auto-Icon are that the box containing his remains is wheeled into senior college meetings, and that he is then listed in minutes as ‘present but not voting’. He is also said to have a vote on the council, but only when the vote is split, and that he always votes in favour of the motion." (wikipedia: UCL)

Jaja, die Engländer, so drollig. Was jetzt nicht gesagt wird: was steht auf dem kleinen Schild an Bentham’s Schranktür? So wie ich die Briten kenne: ein Feuerfluchtplan, Hinweis auf Feuerübungen, Begründungen für Kerzen- und Wasserkocherverbot. Denn es gibt keine einzige Tür im vereinigten Königreich, die ohne Feuerschutz auskommt.

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