Decline of a Nation: Cold Comfort

England! What have you come to – your leader is supposed to rape and pillage the globe, including their own little island, and be thanked for it with colourful parades, and young men guarding their house, wearing skirts with nothing underneath and funny bear hats on their heads, and children singing that they, their victorious leader, should be saved and their enemies scattered etc pp. That’s how it works!

Instead, the Queen has to defend herself against a vicious attack of the press because she tried to use a state poverty fund to heat Buckingham Palace. What’s the woman supposed to do? OK – she could cuddle up in her coronation gown,

“A six yard train in best quality handmade purple silk velvet, trimmed with best quality Canadian ermine 5″ on top and underside and fully lined with pure silk English Satin, complete with ermine cape and all being tailed ermine in the traditional manner, and including embroidery by the Royal School of Needlework.” (Eve & Ravenscroft)

…but that won’t really help because the English still haven’t discovered window insulation and London winters can be draughty.

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